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What's On?


12th -17th Aug Skegness Carnival

14th Skegness Raceway 19.30

Hearses & Limos Banger racing, Broke FMX Freestyle Motorcross Stunt Team, MD Hot Rods British Championship, Modstox & Junior Rookie Bangers

15/16th The Village Church Farm          

Heritage Fair Weekend


Alford Manor House

 Pantaloons presents “As You Like It”

17th Claythorpe Water Mill

Outdoor Cinema 7.45


Medieval Tournement 

Heavy Horse Centre 10.30-15.30

26th skegness Raceway 13.00

Double Domino Stunt Show, Slingshot Monster Truck Car Crushing, Rebels, Stoxkarts, Junior Stoxkarts (Gold Top) Unlimited Bangers Wreckfest & Micro Bangers

27th Skegness Raceway 13.00

Banger & Caravan Destruction Derby, Rookie Bangers (non Honda mv) Gold Top Championship, Brisca F2 Stock Cars, Rebels, Stoxkarts & Junior Stoxkarts

August 25th, 26th & 27th - Medieval Pageant at The Village, Church Farm Skegness

Knights of Skirbeck

25th Gunby Hall

Alice in Wonderland theatre


Alford Craft Market Festival

30th Skegness Raceway 19.30

Double decker Bangers, Brisca F2 Stock Cars, 2L Saloon Stock Cars & Rookie Bangers (non Honda mv)

31st -2nd Sept

So Festival

Skegness and Mablethopre



1st Claythorpe Water Mill 17.00

Pop up Pizza Resturant

8th & 9th

Vintage Seaside Festival

tower Gardens Skegness


Alford Manor House

Vintage tractor Day


Claythorpe Water Mill 17.00

Pop up Pizza Resturant


Alford Manor House 

Threshing Day

10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Mums Go Free - Autumn 2018 
Hardys Animal Farm, Ingoldmells 


Skegness Raceway 19.30

F1 Visitors, BriSCA F2 (NS Round) & 2L Saloons


Claythorpe Water Mill 17.00

Pop up Pizza Resturant


Comedy night 

Neverland Theatre Skegness

15th Raceway Skegness 17.30

BriSCA F1 Championship of the World & 2L Saloons


Alford Manor House

Heritage open Weekend

10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Dads Go Free - Autumn 2018 
Hardys Animal Farm, Ingoldmells 


Claythorpe Water Mill 17.00

Pop up Pizza Resturant

29th September Goldwing light parade

Fri 21 Sep 2018 - Mon 24 Sep 2018

Northern soul weekender

30th Skegness Raceway 13.00

Rookie Bangers (non Honda mv), 1300 Saloons Steve Newman Mem, GT Hot Rods Last GR qf, MD Hot Rods last GR qf, Junior Rods Supreme last GF qf, Lady Rookie Bangers & Junior Rookie Bangers




Alford Manor House

Linconshire Day


Alford Manor House

Apple Day

14th Mablethorpe Sand Racing from 9am


10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Halloween Spooktacular 2018 
Hardys Animal Farm, Ingoldmells 

25th Skegness Raceway 19.30

Brisca F2 Stock Cars (W& Y Final), Rookie Bangers ( non Honda mv) & National Mini Stox

28th Mablethorpe Sand Racing from 9am

31st       The Village Church Farm      

Halloween at The Village of the Dammed



4th Skegness Raceway 14.00

£10000 Firework Spectacular, Banger & Caravan Destruction Derby, Brisca F2 Stock Cars, Rookie Bangers (non Honda mv) U25 Championship, 1300 Saloon Stock Cars & Lady Rookie Bangers

4th trustthorpe Field Festival 5pm-8pm 

Bonfire & Fireworks

11th Mablethorpe Sand Racing from 9am

18th Skegness Raceway 13.00

1300 Saloon Stock Cars, Rookie Bangers (non Honda mv), GT Hot Rods, MD Hot Rods, Junior Rods, Junior Rookie Bangers & Lady Rookie Bangers

25th Mablethorpe Sand Racing from 9am


Alford Manor House

Christmas Extravaganza 4.00-8.00




Alford Manor House

 Christmas Tree Festival and Stalls in the Marquee 10.00-3.00

1st & 2nd The Village Church Farm

Victorian Christmas Market

9th Mablethorpe Sand Racing from 9am

23rd Mablethorpe Sand Racing from 9am


January 2019

6th Mablethorpe Sand Racing from 9am

20th Mablethorpe Sand Racing from 9am


3rd Mablethorpe Sand Racing from 9am

17th Mablethorpe Sand Racing from 9am


10th Mablethorpe Sand Racing from 9am

24th Mablethorpe Sand Racing from 9am


Donna Nook Nature Reserve

Every November and December, the  grey seals give birth to their pups near the sand dunes: a wildlife spectacle. The pupping season at Donna Nook is an extremely rare opportunity to view large wild animals up close for free. Grey seals are one of the few large animals that still survive in Britain. 

For all the details to prepare your visit to the Nature Reserve

You may also be interested in these amazing structures found on our coast line.


Grey Seal Pup
WW2 sea defence Linconshire 3 bay

Lincolnshire Three Bay

The Lincolnshire three bay pillbox is a variant form of the FW3/23. Essentially it is two of that type placed back to back and sharing an AAMG well to create a rectangular pillbox approximately 6.5m long and 2.5m wide with three fighting compartments. The two enclosed chambers each have three embrasures, one in each external wall. The AA well has the entrance to the pillbox which faces inland. This type of pillbox was generally used as part of the coastal crust and is found on the seawalls of Lincolnshire. In many cases they are now some distance inland as more farmland has been reclaimed from the sea.

Information curtesy of the Pillbox Study Group

Spilsby Show

The show takes place each year on the 2nd Sunday in the month of July. Its a brilliant little country fair. Well organised and packed with fun things to do and see. Every year they host a 10k road race too.

Theres a main ring with constant displays and shows, funfair and antique cars on display to name a few of its delights, or try your hand at Archery.

Don't forget to pop into the craft tents and purchase some of the lovely items too. There is a good selection of food and drink stalls, all at a resonable price. My top tip is to get there early, for gates opening at 10am.

In 2017 it cost just £3 to enter leaving you lots of spending money for all those fair and charity stalls.

Go on give it a try.


Bike Nights

The Spilsby Bike night was packed with every sort of bike available to man. Fabulos antique bikes to trikes. This year there was a stunt bike show in the Butter cross car park and a stage in the middle car park, there was also a competition for the fastest rear wheel change. with 2 more bike nights to go in Louth and Mablethorpe, its a real must visit while your here on your hols. See you there!


Stunt rider at Spilsby Show 2017

Walking around Ingoldmells

I have been walking from the bungalows towards Addlethorpe across the fields. There is a lovely 2 mile route around the fields. I have worked out a couple other routes of 2-3 miles, but they do require good shoes and long trousers. The walks are available in the bungalows for guests to use as a guide.

I hope you enjoy. 

A View along the drain in Ingoldmells

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